Analysis of Sky: Children of the Light, a beautiful odyssey into the sky from the creators of Journey

After you marvel at that beautiful journey into the unknown that was Journey, the team of Thatgamecompany we embark on another adventure of a beauty colossal… that is missing that spark of genius that led to the glory of its predecessor. In Sky’s analysis we delve into the pros and cons of this video game for now exclusive to iOS.

You run and slide through the sand dunes of a gigantic desert

You run and slide through the sand dunes of a gigantic desertWhile there in the distance, on the horizon, an imposing mountain marks the way forward. Ring a bell? You played Journey at the time… yes, the premise is so similar that we might well define Sky: Children of the Light as an authentic spiritual sequel to this great adventure born in the circuits of PS3 and with all its similarities games click here: world-tracker the new of Thatgamecompany manages to convey quite different sensations. It’s not so much a solo journey into the unknown; that exciting odyssey through a world of ruins that captivated by the beauty of its landscapes and that made you feel lonely, small, a simple grain of sand in an ocean of land. That’s why when you came across another adventurer, an anonymous gambler, your heart was filled with life. There are others like me!; others who walk in the same direction overcoming any obstacle. It was beautiful. A message that deepened.

Sky is similar… and different. It’s still a video game with the ability to stir up emotions, but in this case, you don’t travel alone anymore. You are now accompanied by dozens of players from all over the world with whom you sometimes have to cooperate to overcome certain obstacles. Here there is a sense of friendship, of helping others even if you don’t even know their name. It’s the least of it. You do it because it is, because it is gratifying; because the simple fact of clashing hands with a stranger after passing a mission makes you smile almost infantile. And this is one of Sky’s greatness. You can play it alone, yes, but you miss all that magic that comes from sporadic encounters with so many other players swarming from here to there in that beautiful fantasy world you find yourself in.

Run, jump, and fly!

Run, jump, and fly!As Journey invited us to relentlessly advance to the top of a colossal mountain, SKY proposes us to regain the brightness of the stars by helping the ancient spirits that are scattered in seven great realms. There is therefore a clear objective, a mission, which is going to guide us through all those beautiful and enigmatic scenarios that we can walk with great freedom. Challenges? There are, yes, even if you don’t expect to find great challenges. While Sky goes beyond Journey’s simple “explore and observe” by introducing simple puzzles and some platforms, in addition to the option of flying!, the weight of the action falls once again on that wonderful sense of discovery; to explore and stumble almost without wanting it with places that encourage you to move forward with more passion if it fits. Very Breath of the Wild.

There are more challenges than Journey, Yes, and a greater variety of action as you may even encounter challenges that involve using stealth to keep intact that light that allows you to continue the journey. But this is still a contemplative game that basically encourages you to lose yourself in bigger and more convoluted scenarios to simply enjoy the views; to get caught up in that overwhelming stream of emotions that is meant to fly in this precious adventure of Thatgamecompany. You will also do it accompanied by dozens of players who will move from here to there at their own pace, living their own adventure.