There are crazy games, very crazy or exaggeratedly delusional. There are also original, very original and other proposals that are simply unattainable. Well, something like this has happened to us with Rock Of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder game developed by ACE Team and which appeared on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2017. Now his surrealism comes knocking Nintendo Switch and his madness remains intact. Such is his hilarious proposal that we do not know how to catalogue it. The only thing we are clear about is that it brings together a few genres that are strategic and that we have to crash a rock into the gates of a fortress. Let’s try to sort out our ideas and bring you as sane an analysis as possible.

Rock of Ages 2 shows all its intentions and its surreal humor as soon as it begins through an introduction

And is that the game of ACE Team is inspired by very blatant -but notable – of the animations that comedians british introduced in many of his shows and movies. This type of animation so exaggerated, witty and direct. The game starts with Atlas and God during creation. The Good Atlas drops the Earth from the celestial sphere and our beloved Lord sends him down with a kick in the ass. The goal is clear, to recover the Earth. Now, Atlas must carry not only the world behind him but also a rock.

After a hilarious scene in which figures of the size of Napoleon Bonaparte or Ricardo Corazón de León appear, we get into the skin of Atlas and are asked to conquer the world by force of rock. This is to conquer the strengths of historical and mythological characters of the most varied. And how are we going to defeat them? Yes, by crashing our rock into the gate of his fortress and breaking it down. It seems easy, but that’s the theory. And it is that along the way, obviously, we will find a thousand and one traps set by the enemy-apart from the narrow terrain – that will make reaching the gate with maximum force and speed a complicated task at the same time as insane.

Indeed, kind readers, The Rock Of Ages formula continues to function perfectly in its sequel. We’ll have to prepare our defenses to avoid and brake as much as possible the enemy rock, with similar games like the grand theft auto san andreas. And for that we will have a time limit-while the rabble with hammer and chisel prepares our weapon – and a certain amount of money to prepare ourselves. It can be said that the time limit has been rather long and excessive. Sometimes we’ve been waiting a few minutes for our rock to be ready and that makes the pace of play seem a little slow, like the apk generator from, and to add to this point is: once the two rocks roll, nothing will matter anymore. If our defenses are well placed, they’ll do their job. Hence the strategic sense of the player has a lot to do with the coming of the game. The terrain must be well studied and the traps and fortifications placed in the right enclaves. If not, our defense will be worthless and the enemy will burst our gate in a couple of attempts.

The Rock Of Ages formula

As we say, once our rock rolls the strategic touch and Tower Defense of the game will pass to a second plane

With the rock under our control, the game will become a kind of Monkey Ball of medieval aesthetics. And we explained. At Rock Of Ages 2 we will take control of our rock in stages with a certain slope and a lot of obstacles-both those placed by the enemy, and traps typical of the terrain – as we roll downhill we will have to take good care of the speed and take the curves correctly so that we do not fall down the cliffs. Here, there is no safety barrier and if we fall, we will be losing health and strength, in the same way if we crashed against the protections of enemy and fall prisoners of the impacts of catapults, lightning, thunder, cows adhesive -yes, you read correctly-, elephants, trampolines.. In short, an infinity of traps and various weapons that will make us the most complicated route. The idea is to get around all this and get there with the maximum speed and strength on our rock and knock down the gate in fewer moves than the rival to bring us victory.

summary of the highlights

One thing that surprised us at Rock of Ages 2 is the enormous amount of content it brings with it. In both game modes and customization possibilities, armament and characters. If one thing is clear to us, it is that in this game everything tends towards the highest of exaggerations. Here everything is done big or not. Beyond the History Mode-which in itself is already huge and very complete, with lots of missions, secrets and paths to go through-we will have other secondary modes both alone and online multiplayer. In these lines I will make a brief summary of the highlights: Campaign History -main mode and that we have already described-; Game of War -a battle of one against one in which we can choose to stage and opponent-; Obstacle Race -a time trial in which we will find traps on the way and we have to make the best time possible to-; Challenge of Time -a time trial, pure and simple, we and our rock slopes down against the time-. In addition to a complete customization section where we can choose the type of rock as well as its paintings, customize our blazon or choose a general.

community players

On the other hand, Online Mode is based on fast games against other community players in the style of single game modes. A good addition that can scratch a few hours of fun.

Finally, we want to talk about the technical and sound section of Rock Of Ages 2. The first thing to note is that the port on Nintendo Switch is quite far from the Pc, PS4 and Xbox One versions. The game, despite having some high-caliber animated sequences loses a lot of charm once we really start playing it. The resolution, both with the console connected to the Dock and outside it, is very low. And we’re surprised by the fact that Rock of Ages 2 is not a graphic portent.

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