We tested FRAG Pro Shooter

PUBG and Fortnite have marked a trend in mobile games and have not lacked clones and games with a similar concept . FRAG Pro Shooter is another mobile multiplayer game , although in this case competing in teams, more in the style of Brawl Stars .

The game is available in Android and iOS , although it is in the operating system of the green robot where it is having more success: during the weekend it has reached the fourth global position and second in Google Play games in Spain. We have tried it and we tell you what it is.

Attack or Defend

FRAG Pro Shooter is a game in which there is a lot of shooting with each other, but the main objective of the game is not to kill yourself or be the last survivor as in the popular Battle Royale mode, but to obtain the highest score before that time runs out. For this you can kill the enemy soldiers, yes, but also defend or attack strategic points.

The battles are by teams. A blue team and a red team face each other on a map in which each team has its own base. And that base has three strategic points , marked with a target, that the local team must protect and the enemies will try to destroy to gain valuable points.

The player decides what is more convenient: if he prefers to attack in the search for extra points or if he prefers to stay in base defending the strategic points so that they are not destroyed by the enemies. Touching on the screen you can choose if you attack or defend.

If you die, “nothing happens”

Another difference with the Battle Royale games is that, even if you die, you can continue playing. At that time you can take control of another player of the team that is alive or wait for the same character you were using to be available again.

Here is where the game also enters the lineup, as you must choose who makes up your team from the available heroes and that you have unlocked. All the players that you do not control are automatically controlled by “the machine”, so the longer it takes to resuscitate the longer it will take your team to have a human at the controls.

If you die, "nothing happens"

With some role appearances and many chests

FRAG Pro Shooter is a game for mobile, and that nowadays is practically synonymous with microtransactions , that although they are not obligatory to continue playing, they are very present. There are coins, diamonds, seasonal passes and many chests whose content you do not know until you open it. Yes, they are ‘loot boxes’.

These chests must first be unlocked (if you want to do it earlier, you need to pay in diamonds) and then open (you also need to pay in diamonds). Considering that this is a way to obtain the necessary cards to have new heroes or improve the ones you already have, it seems a somewhat greedy system.

Pretty Entertaining

Even with everything, if you like this kind of games, in this case it is a game designed from the beginning for mobile, and it shows. It is not uncomfortable to play, move or aim with the mobile (the game gives you a hand in this regard, it shoots only), and the games can be quite exciting if the rivals are balanced.

At the moment it seems that the game is having very good reception on Google Play , where it has an average score of 4.5 with 30,000 reviews and has already exceeded one million downloads. It is now the second most popular game on Google Play in Spain, surpassed, by the way, by Brawl Stars.

The evolution of zombies in Dying Light 2

Tymon Smektala, main designer of Dying Light 2 , has revealed to GamesRadar some new details of this sequel that will make more emphasis on history and enemies.

One of the new aspects in which the team works is the “circle of infected life” , which describes the stages of infection of zombies.

“Those infected start as Viral, which is someone who has been bitten and infected, so they still have traces of humanity , at this point they are very fast, very dangerous, they avoid the sun at all costs, but after a while in this state , they are called Biters -mordedores- that are normal, slow zombies and that if they can, they grab you to infect you or eat you, but the sun hurts them and they are not as fast or agile as the Virals “.

Also, the more sun the weaker Biters receive, the more they get. “Even so, you must pay attention to the Degenerates because Dying Light 2 is a systemic game, a lot of things happen, and of course, there is a different evolution for the infected that become Volatile, which are the most dangerous predators in the world. If you see them, you’ll need to run, there’s no fight with them because they’ll kill you. ”

Techland has shared a new illustration of a zombie that was previously a member of the Peacekeeper faction . The factions will have a more important role in this sequel for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Image result for Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 will be four times bigger than the original

Techland has revealed that the map of Dying Light 2 will be four times larger than the original delivery, as well as having worked intensely on the introduction of a series of playable novelties for the title.

Tymon Smektala, the game’s chief designer, explained that “each system has been improved”, something that affects, consequently, the movement, the collection of objects, the system of skills and the system of combats.

Not only that: a special effort has been made to achieve a more realistic and dynamic combat system for the game. Work has also been done on the system that allows players to create their weapons with objects found on the stage.

Despite this, Smektala indicates that one of the most important objectives was to strengthen the mapping of the game to get more area of ​​action for users. “The map is four times bigger than that of the first part,” says the designer.

Apartment 327: Terror, time travel and the essence of PT

Apartment 327 is an independent title developed by the Binary Box studio that has been available for just a few days. It is an interesting game of horror, which has good ideas (and others that are not so) but with which I have gone through a lot of fear. Mix the trips in time to complete the puzzles that are proposed to us with an inherited essence of PT very evident , to go through the same rooms of this apartment.

The Beginning of the game

The start of Apartment 327 is exceptional, because knowing how to situate the player in an extraordinary way and gradually giving signals that are awakening the restlessness and fear more direct. Perhaps, when that subtlety becomes vulgarity is when the game loses most of its grace, but maintains its success at certain times. We will find objects, keys and other resources in the apartment that we will be able to use at different times, which we will be able to access little by little through a mysterious elevator. That is, we will almost always be going through the same rooms but at different times, which will vary their aesthetics, the usefulness of each room, the doors … it does not make any sense that a key obtained in 2016 opens a door in 1923, but It is best not to ask many questions and prevent monsters from attacking us.

Under that premise, with time travel and puzzle solving as we continually look back on the great tension produced by music and other effects, Apartment 327 works better than I could have expected. The bad part, as it was before, is that the game is leaving aside the subtlety and where before there was a shock now we will simply find an ugly monster that chases us, which we will have to aim with the flashlight so it does not do anything or directly run away. This is where the game does not work at all well, because the sensation of encountering continuous situations of trial and error where terror and tension give way to bitterness is too palpable.

Image result for Apartment 327: Terror, time travel and the essence of PT

To Enjoy the game and Free Demo

Despite this, I think it is a good proposal, made with love (with a story that is also worth discovering) with an interesting premise despite not being very revolutionary and that will help you to be scared. If you can support the areas where the game leaves the grace aside you can enjoy it and is far above other proposals of the genre such as Agony that in recent times have made us lose hope in terror. In Steam you can try a free demo that will serve you much better than my words to know what you can face with Apartment 327 , and decide from there.

What does not stop being a universal truth is that there has not yet been a proposal that knew how to take all those feelings left by the PT of Hideo Kojima and make a game that can produce as much terror as that demo . I hope it ends some day, an independent team or one with resources, that make us forget a playable test that, oddly enough, continues to inspire developments like the one we are dealing with today. I will never forgive you, Konami.