Tymon Smektala, main designer of Dying Light 2 , has revealed to GamesRadar some new details of this sequel that will make more emphasis on history and enemies.

One of the new aspects in which the team works is the “circle of infected life” , which describes the stages of infection of zombies.

“Those infected start as Viral, which is someone who has been bitten and infected, so they still have traces of humanity , at this point they are very fast, very dangerous, they avoid the sun at all costs, but after a while in this state , they are called Biters -mordedores- that are normal, slow zombies and that if they can, they grab you to infect you or eat you, but the sun hurts them and they are not as fast or agile as the Virals “.

Also, the more sun the weaker Biters receive, the more they get. “Even so, you must pay attention to the Degenerates because Dying Light 2 is a systemic game, a lot of things happen, and of course, there is a different evolution for the infected that become Volatile, which are the most dangerous predators in the world. If you see them, you’ll need to run, there’s no fight with them because they’ll kill you. ”

Techland has shared a new illustration of a zombie that was previously a member of the Peacekeeper faction . The factions will have a more important role in this sequel for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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Dying Light 2 will be four times bigger than the original

Techland has revealed that the map of Dying Light 2 will be four times larger than the original delivery, as well as having worked intensely on the introduction of a series of playable novelties for the title.

Tymon Smektala, the game’s chief designer, explained that “each system has been improved”, something that affects, consequently, the movement, the collection of objects, the system of skills and the system of combats.

Not only that: a special effort has been made to achieve a more realistic and dynamic combat system for the game. Work has also been done on the system that allows players to create their weapons with objects found on the stage.

Despite this, Smektala indicates that one of the most important objectives was to strengthen the mapping of the game to get more area of ​​action for users. “The map is four times bigger than that of the first part,” says the designer.

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